Spring Valley
Presbyterian Church

Feeding the Hungry

Our mission comes from Christ who called us to feed those who hunger and give drink to those who thirst. Thus our food pantry, maintained by volunteers from our congregation, sustained by donations from the community, Presbytery of WV, and individual gifts, operates every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. To read about our food pantry visit this article published by the Herald Dispatch. Food Pantry

Not only do we feed the physical needs of people in our community we also feed the spiritual needs of the community and our congregation by regular worship, Bible study, small groups and special programs such as Vacation Bible School, Living the Questions, and hosting Cub and Boy Scouts.

If you find this particular mission of interest to you or if you are in need, please stop by and visit with us. Or you can request a visit with the minister by emailing her at bonboyce1@aol.com. If you are interested in becoming a member call the church office at 304-429-2931. Here is a photo of some of our volunteers

From left to right...Rosalie Hunsaker, Sue and John Lewis, Betty Dixon, Ann Fisher, David Dalrymple and our official greeter, Sasha. Stay tuned for our next picture of the other shift!

Our History

Early in the 1940's the area of Spring Valley in Huntington was rapidly developing and an interest in establishing a Presbyterian Church was growing. The Home Mission Committee of the Church authorized a survey to determine the viability of planting a church here. The results were encouraging and a search for a suitable lot began.

While awaiting permanent quarters, the Sunday School and Church Services began to be held at the "White House" on Piedmont Ave. Pastor Dr. T. Henry Patterson of Second Presbyterian Church in Huntington, conducted a church service here before worshipping with his congregation at 11 a.m. In Dec. 1945 Charles E. Parrish was called to serve as first pastor, he assumed the pastorate in spring of 1946 with Second Presbyterian assisting in paying his salary in addition to the Presbytery's Home Mission Committee.

Finally, a suitable lot was purchased and building of the sanctuary, classrooms, restroom, kitchen and small meeting room was finished in 1947. A new building project began shorly afterwards to expand the facility to include a fellowship hall and construction of a manse. On June 3, 1951 at 4 p.m. the new, albeit unfinished sanctuary was dedicated and a capacity crowd was present. By 1957 the church was self sustaining and growing.

Spring Valley Presbyterian continues to serve the community by offering space for both Cub and Boy Scouts, operation of the food pantry every Wed. from 10-3, and local community meetings as well as our weekly worship services and Church School.